I just had to post this link. It’s a NYTimes article on Tokyo Ramen.  YUM! Several of these top choice places are either in or near my neighborhood… who’s coming out to join me for some Ramen Exploration?


Hello from Tokyo! All is well here in the land of beautiful gardens, strong tea, plush subway seats, dainty desserts and clean streets.  At least that’s only some of what I’ve seen so far in less than 24 hrs of being in Tokyo.  I’m already in love.  Once my luggage arrives, some photos will be

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Today I get on the plane and head for Tokyo. It feels like a century has gone by since I received the news from the JUSFC (June ’08) that I’d get this opportunity. I purposely waited this long so I would save some money, make enough contacts and be thoroughly prepared. I feel very prepared,

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The show went so well last night, I was extremely pleased with the venue, my collaborators, the audience, everything. “In eternity…there is not time, you see. Eternity is a mere moment, just long enough for a joke.” (from Hesse’s Steppenwolf) So there you have it.  Smiling and laughing all the way. Briefly, my activities for

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