Areon Flutes premiering my piece Arboreous Incantations for three piccolos, inspired by trees and transforming the power of words and the magical languages of trees:

Here is a wonderful trailer of all the more my thoughts multiply (2016-17) for moving flutist, interactive multi-channel electronics and video. A collaborative mono-drama by Jane Rigler, flutes, Elizabeth Hoffman, and Anna Weisling, video. Costumes by Rebecca Lustig, sound design by Danielle Neumann. This is a site-specific work that can be modified to fit any channel in any venue.

Here is the link to watch Jane Rigler and Lisa Cella perform John Fonville’s extraordinary piece Spinage for two quarter-tone flutes, performed in January 2017, for John Fonville’s Portrait concert at UCSD’s Conrad Prebys Concert Hall.

This is an excerpt of Convexed Origins (2015) for moving flutist and pre-recorded part, composed and performed by Jane Rigler, at the Conrad Prebys Concert Hall at UCSD in February 2016.

Here is a great improvisation duo with Jeff Kaiser (trumpet & electronics), Jane Rigler (flute & electronics), performed at the Conrad Prebys Concert Hall at UCSD in February 2016.

performing Takuto Fukuda’s Beyond the Eternal Chaos at the ICMC 2015
Here is my work Whispers in the context of the exhibit by Lucia Warck Meister

for moving flutist and electronics (demo)
A La Pintura
Instructional video on how to learn the solo flute piece InterPresence

Whales Bubblenet Fishing off of Resurrection Bay, June 14, 2012 (Alaska)